A few words on Opal and then some; POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD
  • I’m calling it right now.
  • Opal is a mary-sue.
  • Calling it.
  • Mary-sue.
  • Right now.
  • I can feel it. 
  • In my bones.
  • Maybe not,
  • But my bones, man, my bones.
  • Her siblings seem cool, but I could be wrong.
  • And little Kai is already an over powered loser. Hoping his character passes this phase.
  • Oh and I’m tired of Bolin throwing himself at girls.
  • In fact, I’m tired of romance in this series. It sucks. At this point, I just want friendship adventures.
  • Season is still much better than the previous, but they’re screwing characters up in some unusual ways.
  • Loved seeing Kya woop Zaheer’s butt
  • Still love Lin, hate her sister already. 
  • Tenzin made me cry :( 
  • But its tears of happiness so everything is good.
  • Hate Kai, but he and Jinora are adorable together. WAY TOO FAST for a kid crush to progress, but they’re still cute. 
  • Poor Naga :(
  • Korra was being adorable and derpy as usual. She’s giving off that “I’m a grown up” vibe that us teens get when we hit 18/19. It’s probably going to get her in a little trouble, but it’s all a part of growing up, tee hee hee.
Korra, before you knew your destiny was the Avatar, what did you wanted to be when you grow up?


"Hey, being the Avatar doesn’t mean that I can’t have other dreams. But, also, I knew I was the Avatar from a very young age; so it’s hard to say I remember anything but being the Avatar for all of my life. Aside from that, I’ve always loved probending since I was old enough to understand it, and look, I was even in a team for a little while."


1.5 million viewers for the premiere?! REALLY?! I’m not usually one to fuss over this stuff, but the fact that something this anticipated got such low ratings, even by Nick standards (lower than a Sanjay and Craig special, for Raava’s sake!), is baffling.

Like I’ve said before, I adore Nick,…

I just want to add, before my followers, hopefully, go on to read this post I’ve reblogged (which is very important and you should most definitely read it) that: Nielsen boxes (which you’ll see mentioned if you read the post) are exceedingly unfair.

They assist in show ratings. But, not surprisingly, you’ll see that many people have not even heard of them. People without these boxes don’t get their views counted, meaning that this is an extremely unstable and likely inaccurate rating system.

And you cannot become a part of the so called Nielsen family without an invite, from what I know. Since the sample of people they chose is supposedly random, this means they are probably sampling a rather inaccurate portion of people. Which, additionally, means that shows like LoK may not get wonderful viewer ratings if out of the ten teenagers on your block, two of you watch Korra, five of you have Neilsen boxes, but none who watch Korra have a box themselves.  

THIS ALL ULTIMATELY MEANS ONE THING FOR KORRA: You must boost our ratings and popularity through other means. Boost our ratings, for our favorite show, by doing what I do:

  • Don’t have ad blocker (like me) or disable it when watching Korra on legal websites like Nick. Quite frankly, ad blocker isn’t really beneficial to the economy, and if you want to support your favorite series or website, then they need the money from the ads they have on their websites to keep them going. I know, I know, ads are annoying, but, I mean, come on, are you really that impatient. Why for fucks sake, do you think Youtube is now introducing selective service for those who want people to pay to watch their music videos? Remember, Nick also needs money, especially when a large portion of their site, aside from membership games, are free. I know you might not like Nick for doing what it is doing to Korra, but when a station feels a show isn’t making enough profit, they usually shut that show down. It might not happen to Korra, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and support the company that is broadcasting the show we love.
  • Watch Korra like there’s no tomorrow…Well I mean, still try to have a life though. Dedicate a day to go over some favorite episodes, or the seasons if you really have that much time. If you love the series it really is endless and repeatable entertainment. Not only will views stay nice and high, but you’ll be providing some income for Nick (maybe you don’t like that idea), and also be keeping Korra stable in popularity. 
  • As the post I reblogged lists, BUY MERCHANDISE. I’m sacrificing a Mikasa figure to buy the two seasons of Korra that are already out on Blu-Ray. I’m also going to attempt to buy the art book, and try for a Naga plush. But that’s a lot to spend, and I need a new parrot cage, so not everything might be bought. But I’m still trying!

These are just some of the things that I am doing to help the series I love, and that you should do to. Sure, you might not be able to afford merchandise (I know I can’t afford everything!) but you can definitely help with the video watching and the like. Please. For Korra.

Attack on Vaatu

Season Finale!

Not so explicit details:

  • Amazing Korra character development.
  • Many heartfelt moments.
  • Two very enjoyable episodes. 
  • It felt like an A:TLA ending, to throw things into perspective.


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For those of you who have not heard yet, tonight 12:00 EST they will be airing the LOK SEASON FINALE ON NICK DOT COM. I don’t know if they are airing all four of the remaining episodes, I don’t know if this is just a joke and we’re actually going to be played like a bunch of losers, and I don’t know if they are also airing it on television. So just a heads up. Per say they do air it, this blog will probably not be spoiler free (but i’ll tag spoilers). 

If any of you have any more information please message me so I can post it up here for my followers who don’t know what the heck is going on.

So I was going through the thumbnails and stuff that I use for LOK (there are a lot that I don’t use) and there was this picture and I can’t remember why I made it but here it is…

So I was going through the thumbnails and stuff that I use for LOK (there are a lot that I don’t use) and there was this picture and I can’t remember why I made it but here it is…

yo Asami, that's a pretty nice hat. Where did you get it?


"I stole it. Cause I’m a thug."

so asami have you slept with korra yet?


"Who wants to know?"